Everyone deserves to understand the law and how it affects them.

The law is notoriously verbocentric and dense. From the client’s perspective, legal services are rarely provided in a user-friendly way. Although design-driven businesses have been shown to outperform their competitors, the legal profession has been slow to adopt good design principles. This is understandable given that most attorneys are not trained in design. Combining my legal and design expertise, I help lawyers and legal-tech companies differentiate their services and make their work product more effective.


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Document Redesign

Improving the typography of your documents—whether a letter, a brief or a presentation—makes them more user friendly and more effective.


Service Innovation

Gaining insight into the unaddressed needs of your clients or customers is the key to developing innovative legal services.

Workshops & Presentations

When faced with complex problems, your organization can use design thinking to better understand the issues and develop creative solutions. 


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My clients say:


“Alix is straight up awesome. And great to work with. In two short months she’s made incredibly valuable contributions to FairClaims. She’s passionate about what she does and so much more—she has great ideas, is extremely diligent, and is all about team/getting it done. I highly recommend her.”
—Stephen Kane, Founder & CEO of FairClaims


“Alix built a fantastic PowerPoint deck for a major presentation one of our partners will be giving. She helped us on short notice, listened closely to our input, gave her own insightful suggestions, delivered slides that we will be happy to reuse in future presentations, and made the whole process easy. She has an eye for the whole design experience, from the aesthetic to the technical. We will definitely bring design projects for the law firm to Alix again. Thank you!”
—Forrest Carlson, Partner at Assemble Law Group


“Hit the ball out of the park”

“I’m the founder and CEO of a startup that uses ‘deep learning’ to help in-house counsel avoid and/or prevent litigation. We needed someone to understand us and our prospective clients. Alexandra provided the look and feel for Intraspexion’s website, our White Papers, and our Power Point decks; and she hit the ball out of the park. My team of co-founders all said, ‘beautiful,’ and a third party said, ‘elegant.’ And she was on time and on budget. A+”
—Nick Brestoff, Founder & CEO of Intraspexion

“Incredibly dedicated”

“Alix provided tremendous support in planning and facilitating a whistleblower protection workshop for MSI Integrity. Despite the highly technical subject matter of the workshop, Alix quickly understood our project goals and provided us with useful insights on ways to adapt a ‘design thinking’ process to our work. Alix was incredibly dedicated to our project and always met deadlines. Most significantly, Alix was flexible, creative, positive and professional, even when we needed to modify our workshop agenda at the last minute.”
—Madeline Hung, Program Assistant at MSI Integrity